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Here at Avenue Litho we are a passionate team of environmentally conscious people with a love of print. We’re proud as punch to commit to reducing waste, assisting with conservation, and generally doing our very best to help the environment wherever possible.


Our studio initiatives have included swapping plastic business card boxes for 100% cotton card boxes. These environmentally friendly boxes are made from recycled cotton fibres; resulting in them being acid and tree free. The process of making cotton card has been around for more than 200 years, but as wood pulp became more popular its production decreased. Thankfully this method is making a comeback as we become more environmentally conscious. Our cotton boxes have been tailor-made by us to assemble and close without the need for any glue or tape making them 100% recyclable.

Other packaging materials used are made from 100% recycled materials too; from cardboard boxes, to recycled paper loose fill, tissue paper, presentation folders made from card and paper envelopes. We do not use plastic sleeves and we’re transitioning to using recyclable tapes too. We are fully committed to recycling as much waste onsite as we can; with weekly paper recycling waste collections and repurposing scrap papers.


letterpress printer london

Our 1897 antique treadle-operated letterpress “Harri” removes the need for any power supply (and keep us fit and healthy in the process!).
As well as “Harri”, our collection of lovingly restored presses include; "Betsy"an early 1900s Heidelberg Windmill, "Kylie" our1969 Korrex Proofing Press and "Red" our hand-fed hot foiling machine dating back to the 1980s. We believe in expertise, and find our old kit trumps the new kit any day! With it’s long lifespan, this means less energy and materials consumed.


Pantone inks are mixed in small batches in-house, reducing wastage. Rather than petroleum mixed inks ours are vegetable based using a mix of soy and linseed. Inks with linseed content were first used by Gutenberg - who introduced printing to Europe in 1439.

We offer litho printing - an ink and plate service - which unlike digital printing eliminates the need for ink and toner cartridges which more often than not are discarded in landfill. This can result in remnants of ink and chemicals leaking into natural habitats further damaging the environment. Our preference is to promote UK-made papers and materials wherever possible. Reducing emissions from shipping whilst supporting
British paper mills.


Surrounded by design studios and a creative community - that we enjoy working with regularly - we aim to support our local area as much as we can. From shopping at Hackney-based suppliers to welcoming in our neighbouring businesses.

New for 2018 we are very excited to be introducing a letterpress workshop here at Avenue. Using your logo or initials, learn how to print using our 1969 Korrex press. Master the age old process, and take away twenty 600GSM cotton notecards with matching envelopes printed by yours truly! More information coming soon (please email to add your name to the workshop waiting list).


As animal lovers we donate a percentage of our profits - as well as producing print materials on a pro-bono basis - to a selection of protection and conservation charities. The charities we support are Battersea Dogs and Cats HomeVETPAW and Humane Society International.