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Supplying Artwork for Print

In order to print your job to the best quality we can, we will need artwork supplied in the correct formats. 

Artwork for Print Checklist:

File Type -Artwork should be provided in PDF format please, with fonts outlined if applicable.

Size - PDFs should be supplied at the size we have quoted to print:

Business Cards: 85 x 55m
A6: 105 x 148mm
5 x 7": 127 x 178mm
A5: 148 x 210mm
A4: 210 x 297mm
A3: 297 x 420mm
A2: 420 x 594mm
A1: 594 x 841mm

Or to the bespoke sizing we have agreed upon. 

Design Program - PDF files should be created using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe In Design. Adobe Photoshop is suitable for imagery only (not text).

Images - Any graphics or images should be 300dpi. Any less than this may result in a pixelated appearance on your finished prints.

A good tip is to export your file to PDF and open in Adobe Acrobat. Zoom in to 500%. If you see the image/text in a crisp format with edges that are sharp, the DPI is high. Any signs of pixelation or blurry edges and the DPI is too low.

Litho Print - Projects that are to be litho printed should be set up in either CMYK if we've quoted your job as full colour or four colour. Or with the correct pantone swatch embedded if we've quoted your job as a spot colour or one/two/three colours. 

Please do not supply PDFs featuring RGB as this is a screen colour reference not a print reference. 

Pressure Processes - Items that feature foiling, debossing, embossing or letterpress should be provided as 100% black in colour. This is so we can etch the foiling die.

Multiple Print-Processes - If you are having multiple print processes featured on your project, we will need the artwork for these supplied in separate PDFs. See above points for full details.

Booklet/Brochure Printing - Any projects that feature two or more pages - should be provided in a single page running order PDF. If you have blank pages within the book, these should be represented with blank PDF pages within the file supplied. Spreads are not required.

Trim Marks  - Artwork needs to include printers' trim marks please. As we print on a larger sheet size and then trim down to size once complete, we need to know where to make the cuts to ensure your design looks as it should. 

Bleed - If your image, graphic or text bleeds off the edge of the page, 3mm bleed needs to be added using your design program. Please do not add 3mm to the document size, instead use Illustrator's Artboard or In Design's Page setup to add bleed correctly.

If your images do not bleed off - we do not need bleed marks.