Letterpress Business Cards

View our letterpress business card portfolio all produced on our 1897 treadle-powered press. We have inks available from a soft palette right through to neon brights and metallics. Alternatively letterpressing a blind impression brings a modern touch. This is hand-craft at its best. 

Blind deboss Business card

Letterpress business card

Blind letterpress logo onto business card front with black letterpress details on the reverse.

Letterpress business card

Dark grey pantone letterpress paired with light pink litho print for these business cards.

Letterpress business cards

Letterpress swing tag

Letterpress stationery for Levi's Tailor Shop.

Blind Letterpress

Blind letterpress pattern with white foil logo on Colorplan Royal blue duplexed to Park Green.

grey letterpress business card

Black Letterpress logo.

Soft blue pantone letterpress business cards with radius corners and completed with silver foil gilt edging.

Letterpress edged business card

Black and neon pink pantone letterpress business cards with matching pink pantone edging.

Blind Letterpress

Blind letterpress logo.