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Hot Foiling Printing

What is hot foiling printing? 

In simple terms, hot foil printing is a unique process that creates solid, metallic colours.There are few colours we haven't been able to source and most colours come in a high gloss, matte and also silk.

How is the design prepared for foiling? 

Design should be supplied in the same manner as any normal print-ready PDF - although all foiling artwork should be supplied in 100% black and any different foil colours should be supplied in separate PDFs. 

The preparation stages for a foiling print project consist of firstly producing an etched die from your design. This is made out of magnesium for short run foiling projects or brass for long run hot foil work.When the job is planned for press, this plate will be fixed to the foiling machine and positioned according to your artwork.

Can you match a foil exactly to my Pantone colour?

Unfortunately not. Foils run under a different colour system.

How does the machine apply the foil?

Once the block is fixed and prepared for the project then heated on press before picking up a film of foil to be perfectly transferred to the sheet. 

Which designs work best with foil?

Business cards created using foil are becoming increasingly popular as they look extremely creative and a little different from the corporate style.
Of course wedding and occasion stationery is popular with the glossy foils too. Traditionally printers would advise using foil for typography on smooth stocks only but we have had great results with more intricate designs and textured stock like ecru craft and grey board. 

Can I expect to see an impression with foil?

Yes but it can vary depending on the material. Thinner stocks can't withstand a deboss impression without showing through on the reverse. We usually judge the pressure according to customer's preferences and the softness of the material.

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