Environmental printing

Environmental Policy

Date: January 2014

Avenue Litho is aware of our impact on the environment and is committed to improving our environmental performance. In order to maintain our commitment of minimising pollution we aim to reduce our total measured carbon footprint of 8.8 tonnes of CO2e by 15% in the next 3 years.

To achieve our environmental objectives we will;

  • Ensure regular and effective communications with staff in order to encourage them to participate working towards realistic environmental goals
  • Work with our suppliers to make sure our goals are being met. This will include the introduction of vegetable based inks on all future orders
  • Always avoid the waste of energy and fuel
  • Maintain the strict program in place for recycling waste paper, packing materials, plastics and all chemicals 

This action plan will be communicated and reviewed with all members of staff during our internal work shops and meetings.

Grant Laidler will be responsible for the action plan implementation and communicating the companies environmental policy to members of staff, customers and suppliers.

For further information please contact us on info@avenuelitho.com.

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